How Long Does It Take To Install Kitchen Cabinets?

When it comes to installing or replacing kitchen cabinets, one of the questions commonly asked is, “How long does it take to install kitchen cabinets.”

On average, it takes about two to three days to install a kitchen cabinet. Also, it takes additional two weeks for counterparts to be installed entirely from the template.

Also, a kitchen remodels duration for a simple remove and replace typically lasts six to eight weeks.

However, the time you spend on installing the kitchen cabinets is affected by various factors. Which are:

  • Size of the Kitchen. The bigger the size of the kitchen, the longer the more cabinets it will need and the longer time it will take and vice versa.
  • Scope of the design. The number of elements that you want to attach to your cabinets or the degree of the décor on the cabinets can either increase or decrease the time that will be spent.
  • Speciality Cabinet: Some rich folks want a specific brand of the cabinet, and so go ahead in requesting for it in certain paint and surface areas, thus, taking a long time to acquire. Unlike custom made which does require technicality to install, most speciality cabinets are fixed by professionals because of their delicacy and speciality.
  • Change in the Overall Kitchen Design. In most instances, changes to the overall design of the kitchen can lead to time wastage. When installing a new cabinet, some homeowners will want to remodel the kitchen altogether. So most times, when the kitchen is almost done, they will request for it to be undone or done in another manner, maybe they aren’t pleased with the first outlook. This eventually will cause time wastage.

Steps involved in Installing Your Kitchen Cabinet

Step 1: Planning For Kitchen Cabinets

Before you start, whether you are doing it or hiring a remodeler’s service, you must first have the end in mind. This is the most crucial stage.

During this stage, you select the kind of cabinets and countertops you will want to use. Next is to meet your remodeler or designer to talk about the cabinets, their availability, cost, and durability. Also, questions like; will it blend into the kitchen or suit the décor or style of the kitchen will be sorted out.

Step 2: Selection of Your Kitchen Cabinet

After planning, the next is to select. You should know that custom cabinets and designer branded cabinets take substantial time to source.

Additionally, if you are going for a natural stone for your countertops, you must select the exact slab you want. As such, you or the designer or remodeler you hired has to go to the dealers of these stones for a markets survey. This is important because these stones come in variations of colors and patterns. And you won’t want anything to go off plan. So it is necessary for a perfect touch.

Step 3: Removal of Old Cabinetry

Removing your old cabinetry, including the countertops, usually takes two days. However, the removal period will be elongated if the surface floor needs to be removed or some unique components.

Step 4: Checking of Electrical Outlets

Before the installation starts, you need to check and mark all electrical outlets, including light fixtures and appliances at the cabinetry areas, so that they won’t be a case that a part of the cabinet is resting on a circuit or obstructing any cable or so whatever.

Step 5: Building and Making Adjustment

Once the electrical works are marked, the next step is to build and make appropriate adjustments. Any electrical wiring that needs to be added or repaired, you invite any electrician to do it. Next, you check the plumbing areas and make adjustments if necessary.

Step 6: Priming

After building and adjusting all the electrical and plumbing areas and they are confirmed okay, next is to start priming your kitchen. Priming entails drywalling and installing the floor.

Step 7: Installing Cabinets

After everything is set, the next is to begin the actual installation of the cabinets. This step lasts for two to three days, depending on the size of the kitchen and the number of cabinets to be installed.

Step 8: Countertop Finishing

With the cabinets in good shape, the next is to add the countertops and add functionalities you want to add.

Step 9: Cleaning the Kitchen

When everything is done, it is evident that the kitchen will all be looking dirty and messy. So the final step in the installation of the cabinets is to clean the kitchen thoroughly. If washing the kitchen is required, do it.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you install kitchen cabinets before or after Flooring?

Typically cabinets are installed before Flooring. In most cases, for standard floor heights, you will have to install the cabinets before the floor covering. Floor covering is also known as finish covering, which is the surface that you see and walk on. So the cabinet is after the subfloor, which is located below the underlayment or underlayment.

Is installing kitchen cabinets easy?

Installing a kitchen cabinet might seem complicated, but it is pretty simple. It just has to do with screwing a series of boxes to the wall and one another in an organized, sequential manner. The only difficult part is finding the starting point, if you find it, all that is remaining is screening the boxes following a specific pattern, and that’s all.

What is 10×10 Kitchen Cabinets Cost?
A standard 10 x 10 kitchen has 20 linear feet of cabinetry, making you spend between $2,800 to $6,500 on an average scale to replace your kitchen cabinets of average quality.

Do you install upper or lower cabinets first?

It is easier to install the upper cabinets first before the lower ones when installing them. This prevents the base cabinets from obstructing you during lifting and fastening.

How difficult is it to assemble kitchen cabinets?

It isn’t challenging to assemble kitchen cabinets as it can be done by one person only: that’s how easy it is. But having an extra hand doesn’t hurt. Also, in getting RTA cabinets, it is typically shipped together with metal clips, which can help out in the assembly process.

What size of screws do I need to install cabinets?

In installing cabinets, you need No. 8 or No. 10 screws, which are approximately 3½ inches long. However, the GRK screws are known to be the best.

How many cabinets are in an average kitchen?

In an average kitchen, it is estimated that they are 30 cabinets which can cost you between $15,000-$45,000 to get. This can be less or more deepening on the dimension of your kitchen, the style of your kitchen, and the homeowners’ preferences.

How much does it cost to remodel a 10×10 kitchen?

On an average scale, a 10×10 kitchen remodeling will cost you between $15,000 and $30,000 or $75 to $150 per square foot. Some homeowners go further in spending between $17,280 and $32,803. However, the cost of remodeling your 10×10 kitchen varies, ranging from the size of the kitchen, the type of remodeling, the nature of remodeling, and the addition of extra functionalities.


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