How To Display Cutting Boards On Kitchen Counter

Cutting boards are one essential feature or functionality in the kitchen. Without it, the kitchen isn’t complete. Apart from being functional, it can act as a form of deco in your kitchen when appropriately arranged. As such, we will be looking at how to display cutting boards on the kitchen counter.

You should note that there is no specific way to arrange the cutting boards in the kitchen. You can use initiative or creativity to design something and place your cutting boards in it, and it comes out very beautiful.

So below are the 5 top ways to display your cutting boards on the kitchen counter.

Ways to display cutting boards on the kitchen counter

1. Display cutting boards on shelves

Cutting boards on an open shelf

One of the great ways to display your cutting board is to show them on an open table shelf or a wall shelf. It is always beautiful to display them where they can be seen and reached easily while wanting to be used. To make it more attractive, you can be making it color-friendly.

Layering boards are a crucial aspect for both deco and functionality. For instance, you can mix match white platters and wood cutting boards on a shelf for a neutral outlook, and you can add some green spoons and forks to appear more natural and greenish. The shelves can be made from wood, stainless steel, aluminum, bamboo, or other rigid material. The most popular amongst these are wood and stainless steel shelves.

Not all kinds of wood can be used to make kitchen shelves. They are some specific wood slated for it, and they are;

  • Pine,
  • Cherry
  • Koa
  • Red oak
  • Padua
  • Plywood
  • Mahogany

The shelves can be gotten custom-made or uniquely designed. To be cost-effective, do go for mass-produced bespoke shelves in the market. They are plenty in the market. The uniquely designed shelves will cost you more.

So, the nature of the shelves can either influence or affect the cutting board’s decor in the kitchen.

Additionally, cutting boards are one of those things that improve with age.  There are now vintage cutting boards, and you can get them as unique and thrift shops to purchase.

2. Hang Cutting boards on the kitchen cabinet/island.

Hanging cutting boards on kitchen islands

This idea works perfectly well for small and decorative cutting boards. You can get a strong rod and hook and attach it to the cabinet or island. So now this rod is going to save like any hanger. You can hang your cutting boards, there; you can also hang your tea towels, mugs, potted greenery, or mini wreaths.

Check out the picture above and see how lovely it appears. It can serve as a nice decorative in your kitchen. Creativity is essential here so that you won’t mix, match utensils of different colors and shapes, and it doesn’t look beautiful.

3. Displaying cutting board as a tray

Using cutting boards as trays

Displaying cutting boards as a tray is perfect on the kitchen counter for cutting vegetables and serving as a coffee bar or a dining table centerpiece. 

Typically, trays functions as a collaborative piece to keep items together and create a single cohesive feel. For this, it is advised, you go for bigger cutting boards and possibly vintage big cutting boards.

When styling the cutting board serving as a tray, try and add a collection of cohesive utensils. Arrange in the way that follows a particular order, which makes them look organized. You can include fresh flowers and soft towels beside them for cutting boards in the living room that serves as decorating coffee boards.

4. The Traditional method

The traditional method of displaying cutting boards

Before rods, hook, and other complex functionalities came out. Cutting boards are already in use. So, typically it was arranged together with the kitchen utensils, dishes, and linens in an old crate placed on the kitchen counter. It is not only simple, but also very beautiful.

Additionally, you can grab some pieces for a quick meal; it is always at the cook’s reach. What is required here is just styling it. The primary difficulty here is knowing how to arrange the utensils, but you are good to go once it is overcome.

In addition, you can place some cutting boards on the wall of the kitchen counter or behind the stove, or above the cabinets.

5. Using a cutting board as a plate charger

Although the expensive method, one spectacular is mixing and matching your collection of boards as plate chargers.  Most times, this will demand you go for designers’ cutting boards. The cutting boards, however, serve as an investment, apart from them being functional.

They help cut vegetables or serve food and, in the same light, serve as great decor items in the kitchen that are used all year round.

How much Do Cutting Boards Cost?

There is no specific pricing for cutting boards. The prices are determinant on variables like; location, brand, delivery cost, nature (custom made or uniquely designed).

For average pricing, natural boards can go from $25. Flat grain boards go for $32 and above. Edge gran boards go for$37s and above. End grain boards are the most expensive and their prices range from $47.50 and above.

And, the best time to buy a cutting board is during the holiday season, which is Late November to December. Generally, at this time, shops and stores want to clear off their old stock in preparation for the new year. So most times, they run sales or discounts for their products. You can save up to 10% to 15% buying at this time.


Creativity and innovation are essential ingredients that are needed when displaying your cutting boards on the kitchen counter. 

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