How To Find Matching Kitchen Cabinets

Every homeowner has a picture in mind of how they want their kitchen to look, and sometimes achieving that can be exhausting. And one of the major challenging aspects of great kitchen decor is finding matching kitchen cabinets; this is why most homeowners ask” how to find matching kitchen cabinets.” Although tiring, it is worth the effort.

Firstly, let’s look at what are kitchen cabinets?

What is Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are ideal storage spaces used to store utensils and other kitchen necessities. It helps to keep your kitchen more living and less cluttered.

How To Find Matching Kitchen Cabinets

Even though your kitchen cabinets don’t need matching, they are still necessary for great kitchen decor. Your kitchen cabinets are matched each other and other furniture in the kitchen by color or brand. The matching entails that all furniture in the kitchen is in harmony, thereby creating a siren atmosphere. However, in finding matching cabinets, you should place attention to furniture like baseboards and ceiling moldings so that the whole thing won’t end up looking untidy and all mess up.

Currently, most modern homes have matching cabinets throughout the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. This helps to promote a sense of consistency in the home outlook. However, some homeowners feel that using matching cabinets will make the room look dull or molded. However, this is false if you can creatively match the cabinets. You can use cabinets of the same make but different colors and shades. You can use a particular color as the upper cabinets and the lower cabinets, giving it a less rigid and contemporary look.

So we will be looking at how to achieve great kitchen decor with matching cabinets.

Identify The Brand of Your Cabinet

The easiest method to find a matching cabinet is first to identify the brand of the cabinet you want to use. It is possible that the other furniture in your kitchen is of a particular brand, and you want your cabinet to be of the same brand. It is easier to order a specific cabinet brand from big online stores, but if you are going with the local furniture store, check both the exterior and interior of the drawers for the logos on them. Also, you can check the drawers behind to find additional information or branding. If it is something you want, you can purchase it.

Identify the Cabinet Color or Style

Also, apart from identifying the brand, you can decide to go with other variables such as the color or style of the kitchen furniture. So, in this case, you go to find a particular style of cabinet that complements the cupboard, kitchen shelf, door, or sink.

Once you have gotten what you want, you are advised to get a local furniture man or a cabinet maker or fixer to help you fix the cabinets systemically. However, if you have little experience with furniture fixing, you can try it out yourself.

Follow Through Systematically

One of the major ways to insert in your cabinets to match together is using the Merge and Join approach. This entails using several styles or finishes to achieve sameness, ease, and security in your cabinet group. The easiest way to begin is to connect and combine knobs and pulls. Secondly, it to find finishes that match. It is easier to get matching finishes from the manufacturer’s website, big stores than local kitchen or furniture store. Also, another good approach is to solicit samples and compare finishes to discover the perfect two matches. To achieve an ideal match, you can use warm metal (gold brass, copper) and cold metal (chrome-nickel, pewter).

It is advised that you combine hot or cold metals in a row because they’ll appear incompatible. One of the perfect mixes currently used in modern homes is matte black mixed with gold or brass. One of the advantages of the mixture is that both helps to protect doors in cabinets and provide a high level of comfortability and beauty. If you notice, most cabinet hardware trends are based on the design and interface. So let’s look at kitchen cabinet trends.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Following the recent trend, you can see that kitchens deco is focused on a simple or minimalist design. In certain cases,  bold designs are equally used, but this is peculiar to homeowners who want to showcase the same dishes or a specific portion of kitchen utensil.

Also, some homeowners want a unique kitchen style, and one of the most effective methods to achieve this desire is to get a matching cabinet. From the 70s to the 90s, the oak cabinets were extensively in use. Presently, the oak cabinet is gradually coming into play. Its appealing neutral color, texture, and extension, including its soft luxury, can be used to create an integrated façade, which gives the kitchen a luxurious and unique look.

How Can You Mismatch and Re-match Kitchen Cabinets

Do you know that you can change the look of your cabinets without making them look sloppy and rigid by using the same cabinet doors and changing the stain’s paint, color, or stain? You can also use the same wood but of different colors and textures to re-match.

For this stage, you will need to modify the styles of the kitchen cabinet doors. Most modern homes use top-framed doors for lower cabinets and flat-framed doors on top cabinets to achieve excellent cabinet door designs. Also, you can decide to add variety by using plain panels for the living space and top boards for the kitchen. You can use a distinct facade between the lower and upper cabinetry to create a modern classic look.

Can You Mix-Match Old Kitchen Cabinets With Modern Kitchen Cabinets

It is possible to alter one aspect of the kitchen cabinet by mixing both features to create something more modern. The alteration can be in terms of the color of the door paint or the style. You can even go as far as altering hardware to create an overall look for your kitchen.

You can buy modern kitchen cabinetry that is different from your one. Choose the color you like, and then paint the opposite cabinets to complement. You can go for the color palette of a particular color that matches your living room. This helps achieve a warmer and more inviting atmosphere in your living room. If you want to get an addition to your cabinet and select a countertop, pick one that matches the previous one in color.

The Use Of Testers

You can purchase testers in different shades or colors to check how the kitchen or living room walls will appear and how they will look at the different times of the day when sunlight strikes them, when the light is on or when the room is dark.

The function of the testers is to serve as samples that are used to test run how the room will appear to avoid mistakes and help to make a better decision.

The use of the testers is done for a minimum of a week to effectively observe how it looks at the different times of the day and the effects of light on the particular color shade or design.

Testing is a cheap approach that allows you to simultaneously observe various colors before selecting the color, shape, or design you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Kitchen Cabinets Be Matched?

Kitchen cabinets can be matched as it helps to achieve a more classic, modern, and unique look. However, it isn’t a must; you have to match them. If you don’t have enough resources, you can go for a solo minimalist living room or kitchen decor.

Is It Hard To Match Cabinets?

The matching cabinet is one of the exhausting aspects of home decor. However, it is possible to get a perfect match for your kitchen cabinet. Sometimes, you need to look deeper and visit various stores to obtain your preferred choice.

How Do You Match Existing Wood Cabinets?

The interior design rule states that you use contrasting wood elements to stick to wood that shares the same color and tones as the other wood and use at least three shades lighter or darker. This is saying that the best approach to match wooden elements is to do it in contrasting colors.

Can Old Cabinets Be Matched?

Yes, old cabinets can be matched. You just have to meld them both together using a good finishing. If you like the color of the new cabinets more than the old cabinets, you can paint the old set to match the new ones. You just need creativity in this.


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