How To Keep Mice Out Of Kitchen Drawers

According to the National Pest Management Association, it is estimated that about 21 million rodents live in the average American homes. In the home, mice are more likely to be found either in the kitchen or storeroom.

Coming to the kitchen, the mice are known to hide in kitchen drawers because they don’t like to be seen. They stay there and only come out at night to do their destruction. So the question here is “how to keep mice out of kitchen drawers.”

Firstly, it is pertinent we look at some basic truth about mice and the dangers of mice, so that we can understand what we are dealing with.

Basic Truths About Mice n the Kitchen

1. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be dirty to attract mice: 5-star hotels have recorded to have mice in the kitchen. So this has nothing to do with dirtiness. It is just that a dirty kitchen makes them more relaxing and comfortable.

As far as your kitchen contains food, mice are bound to attack. So don’t relax on this if you think your kitchen is too clean to invite them.

2. How to keep mice out of kitchen drawers: Yes, food is one of the major things that attracts mice into a kitchen. But it is not the only thing that drives them out. Mice also feed on wood crumbs on the drawers and can attack the refrigerator. So the only way to completely drive them out is to put into practice the steps that will be given below.

3. Mice can be totally eradicated from an environment: There is this fallacy that mice cannot be totally eradicated from a place, they can just be drastically reduced. This is a big fallacy, and shouldn’t be believed at all.

When appropriate measures are taken properly, the maximum result becomes the outcome. It is just that it takes time to totally eradicate mice off an environment, but it is possible to do so.

What Are The Dangers Of Mice In The House?

They cause sickness

Mice are known to be carriers of different disease pathogens such as hantavirus salmonellosis and listeria.  These pathogens are carried in their saliva, urine, and droppings. So the higher the mice in your house, the more exposed you are to these diseases, which can be very dangerous.  

Their Multiplication rate is high

No one mouse can stay in a home. When a male mouse invades your home, he creates a territory and brings in a female mouse. And a female mouse can give birth to five to 10 little mice yearly. So if there are about five female mice in your house, be expecting to see 50 mice in your home after the year runs out.  

They eat anything they see

Mice eat anything ranging from canned food to processed food to fresh food. They consume practically anything they set their eye on. This is why the kitchen is their main target in the house. They go into the drawers, make holes into them, begin to live them and feed on your food.

Most times, while they eat, they defile the food and the areas, thereby introducing disease pathogens to your food. According to research, mice contaminate about ten times more food than they eat. This is why the medical personnel advised that we should desist from anything, whether processed or raw food, that mice have touched.

So, these are the few among havoc this reptile can cause.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Kitchen Drawers

1. Store Food Properly

The first step in keeping mice out of kitchen drawers is to store food properly. Food should be stored in sealed containers to prevent mice from smelling and accessing them.

Never leave the waste food baggage overnight. The night is known as the active period of the mice, so to keep them away, you must not give them a job to do at night. Even it is to empty the baggage twice a day, do it. The main waste baggage should be nowhere close to the kitchen.

2. Fill in every loophole

Make sure there is no loophole connecting your drawers to the outside. It is advised that you carry out a weekly check on your kitchen arena once a week. When you notice any loophole, do fill and cover it immediately. This is because mice are known to bring into walls and enter.

3. Place your Drawers with Dryer Sheets

Each drawer should contain one dryer sheet, and the dryer sheet should contain oleander. Oleander is a natural abrasive that deters mice.

4. Regular Cleaning of the Drawers

Crumbs are one thing that attracts mice to your drawers. When mice feed on these crumbs, they make the drawer their home, and they keep returning to it again and again. Before you go to bed, remove the drawers and clean them.

5.  Drop some Peppermint in the Drawers

Peppermint has a strong smell that is naturally mouse repellent, and it is not harmful to man. So crush some peppermint, place it in small bags or bowls, and put it into the drawers.

6. Don’t allow the Mice to Multiply

Constantly check around your kitchen or see any form of mice dropping on the floor or inside the drawers, or you smell their urine. You immediately lay traps for them. There are many traps in the market that you can buy to catch them. After a while, properly sanitize the environment; this will make sure they don’t return.

7. You can make use of Traditional Means

Some traditional remedies proved to be effective over the years. The good thing about this conventional mean is that it is a cost-effective means, and it is something that you can easily lay your hands on. Examples:

  • Onions

First on my list of traditional remedies are onions. Onions have a potent solid smell that mice hate. Mice hate the onion smell. Mice avoid onions like plagues; this is how they hate the smell.

So what you have to do is to cut some onions and place them in all the drawers to sleep overnight. So it is advised not to leave them too long, two nights is enough for them. You can throw them off and cut another.

  • Cat Litter

It sounds crazy but is very effective. Cats are natural predators of mice. So mice will avoid your house like the plague when they smell cat litter. So if you have a cat pet, you can use it for some good.

  • Mashed Potatoes

This sounds unbelievable, but it works. Smash some potatoes and dry them. Then spike the powder and flakes in the drawers. When mice eat, their stomach expands, and the intestines break out, leading to the death of the little creatures. Mashed potatoes serve as a natural poison to mice.

  • Plaster and Cocoa Powder

Blend plaster with cocoa powder and put it in an open container or surface in the drawer where the mice can locate it. When they eat it, their stomach will harden, and it will kill them.

  • Use Aluminum Foils to Wrap Food

Mice can’t penetrate the aluminium foils. For essential snacks at home, you can keep them safe in aluminium foils.

  • Make use of Traps

Trapping of mice and rodents is an ancient practice that is still in play up to today. Trapping comes in different ways; we have snap traps, multiple mouse traps, and glue traps. And these various traps can be gotten in the market. You can also check online pest control shops to get some of them.

Location is a crucial aspect when trapping mice. You must place the trap in the right location to achieve your desired result. It is advised you place the traps at

  • High activity areas along the walls, behind appliances, behind objects, etc.
  • Darkened corners
  • Inside the drawers  

In keeping the traps, make sure that it is at the right angles, with the trigger end nearly touching the wall. When it is set in parallel to the wall, please put them in pairs with the triggers located to intercept mice that come from both angles.

In trapping, there is a rule that states that you make use of enough trapping. The law states that you place mouse traps at two-foot intervals. In setting the traps, don’t just keep them in the drawers only. For example, for maximum result, keep two traps behind the fireplace, two traps behind the refrigerator, and two traps under the sink, and two traps at the drawer’s end.

In areas with very high mice activity, keep two snap or glue mouse traps about two steps away from each other. They will catch mice that try to jump over the traps, which are very common for stubborn mice. Remember that trapping must be aggressive to be effective.


The health of your kitchen directly affects the health of your home. So with this, you should deal seriously with anything that can temper with your home’ health.

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