How To Make A Kitchen Boa

Do you see yourself reaching out to a hand towel always when you cook? If yes, this makes having a kitchen boa a necessity. So you must know how to make a DIY kitchen boa, for it is more cost-effective than getting a custom-made one. In this article, we will be looking at how to … Read more

How To Hide Kitchen Vent Pipe

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What Is Required At A Kitchen Handwash Sink

Handwashing is a very essential function in the kitchen that helps reduce the rate of food (fresh and cooked) contamination in the kitchen that is responsible for food-borne diseases. as such getting a kitchen handwash sink becomes a necessity. This makes the question, ” What is required at a kitchen handwash sink” a viable one. … Read more

How To Measure For Kitchen Backsplash?

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How Much Does A Kitchen Manager Make?

Various factors determine the amount or how much a kitchen manager makes. This includes education, years of experience in the profession, certifications, and the number and quality of additional skills. According to the data released by, as of November 29, 2021, the average salary of a Kitchen Manager in the United States is $54,017, which is translated … Read more

How Many Circuits For Kitchen

The kitchen is one vital aspect of the home that needs proper planning and decision-making. You have to think and decide on the type of floor surface, cabinets, countertops, functionalities, and even down on electrical wiring in the kitchen. The kitchen consumes more electricity than anywhere in the home; as such, an adequate number of … Read more

How To Fix Worn Spots On The Kitchen Cabinet

Wears and tears are one inevitable thing that happens to the kitchen cabinet. It’s something that can be controlled but never stopped. The longer your cabinet stays, the more susceptible they get, and the more quickly they get to wear and tear. To this cause, this question, “how to fix worn spots on the kitchen … Read more